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That Simple Song

Lyrics by D.E.Wilson

Music by Serrao, Wilson, Aspden-Serrao

Arranged and Produced: Wilson, Serrao, Aspden-Serrao

Mastered: Steve Kitch at Audiomaster


Rhythm Guitar: Serrao, Lead Guitar: Serrao; Drums: Wilson; Bass: Wilson; Cubase piano and strings: Wilson; Vocals: Patricia Aspden-Serrao; Vocal arrangement and Codas: Patricia Aspded-Serrao.


This song came out of and instrumental chorus that Warren wrote. I wrote a verse melody and then some words. Then Warren said there was too much instrumental so we chopped it and I rewrote a verse to make it all fit. Then when we recorded it Patricia came up with the sweeping Coda lines and that changed the feel of the whole thing so I remixed it all as a Progressive country thing. I love it but Warren just wanted a country song so he’ll probably do it all again sometime.



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