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  • Abu Dhabi

    nigma in blue - abu dhabi

  • In Germany with Jimmy Bright and Legendary Roadie

    in germany with jimmy bright and legendary roadie

  • First Band Barry Sharples on Bass

    first band - Barry Sharples on Bass

  • Early Tuesday Blues

    early tuesday blues shot

  • Early Nigma Publicity Shot

    early nigma publicity shot

  • The Mrs.

    don't mess with the mrs

  • Dana Hotel Abu Dhabi

    dana hotel abu dhabi

  • D. E Wilson

    custard pie just missed

  • Back in the UK

    back in uk - in garden

  • 70s Kitchen

    back in uk - 70's kitchen - had to go!

  • Yola Girls on stage

    yola's girls onstage

  • Yola and Betty

    yola and betty telling s'one off

  • Simmnos Kit

    simmons kit

  • Simmons and Songsheet

    simmons and songsheet

  • Prmier Kris Green Kit on bass

    premier kit - kris green on bass early days

  • Nigma on stage

    nigma on stage


Words and Music by D.E. Wilson

Produced: Wilson; Arranged Wilson

Recorded and mixed – Sleepdog Studios

Wilson, Serrao, Aspden-Serrao

Mastered: Steve Kitch at Audiomaster


This was written for my wife Yola and it tells the story of how we met In Abu Dhabi, singing in the same hotel. We were in a penthouse disco and she was in a busy little bar downstairs. She used to walk through our club in a tiny mini dress and steal all our customers! God she was gorgeous! We got engaged came to England and struggled a lot. I played the song to her and she said it was too busy! Ho hum. I added harmonies to try and make the lead vocal sound decent. But it didn’t quite, so I added some more and it was a bit better so I left it. I like what Warren did with lead guitar. I had to stick it under a verse though because it seemed too long if I gave it a verse on its own. It helps distract from my out of tune singing so I liked that too. Might do this again differently one day, though. Any
singers out there?



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