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Words and music by D. E. Wilson

Arrangement – Wilson Produced – Wilson

Recorded and mixed Sleepdog Studios

Cubase Drums – Wilson; Cubase Bass – Wilson; Cubase Keyboards – Wilson; Vocals – Wilson.

Arranged and Produced: Wilson, Serrao, Aspden-Serrao

Mastered: Steve Kitch at Audiomaster


I wrote this at work on a till at Bargain Booze. Got the hook line and then wrote the rest around it. It kept coming into my head as a traditional folk song with a couple of old English phrases and every time I tried to modernise it I didn’t like it as much so I left it folky. I sent a demo to Warren who said the vocal was out of tune so I worked on it a lot, redid the vocal from scratch and then he said it was good, which is a first, so I left it. The backing track was my first attempt at doing everything on a computer. I would rather have some real instruments on it but at least I know I can manage by myself if I have to!



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