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    robbo with Breedlove acoustic

Edge of Oblivion

Words and music by D. E. Wilson

Produced, Engineered and Mixed David E. Wilson

Arranged and Recorded by D. E. Wilson and ‘Robbo’ at Sleepdog Studios,
Blackburn.Sleepdog Studios

Mastered: Steve Kitch at Audiomaster


Pearl Masters Drums and Zildjiian Cymbals: Wilson; Breedlove Twelve

String Acoustic: Robbo; Fender Telecaster and fx board: Robbo; Yamaha Five string Bass: Robbo; Vocals and Harmony arrangements: Wilson; Cubase piano: Wilson.


This song was written while I was lying in bed with cracked ribs from a Taikwondo session. I couldn’t get up without 10 mins of very slow, painful manoeuvring, rolling onto my front and then very slowly trying to push myself vertical. I started thinking about boxers and how they keep getting up when they’ve been knocked down – the kind of courage it takes to face not just their opponent but the possibility of public humiliation! I’d seen fighters like Chris Eubank, and Joe Frazier and Ali get up off the floor and win and I was astonished that men can be that strong and brave while teetering on the edge of failure. To have a heart big enough not just to get up, but to get up and dance, right on the edge, and win! Mindblowing!

Robbos 5 string bass on this song is as good as it gets! He almost didn’t do it. He came in to play 12 String. Knocked out the parts in first takes. Then added some Fender chords and a few solos and I thought he was done. He suggested a bass part too but I had the put in a simple, descending riff on cubase and thought it was ok. But he said the bass was with him so he might as well give it a go, and I let him plug in. I hit record and he started playing the thing and I almost fell off my seat. It was beautiful, tasteful, strong, inventive, flowing. As good as any bassline I’d ever heard. And he’s kind of muttering about whether it was ok or not! I think I might one day be remembered as the guy who encouraged Robbo to go for it! He writes too, you see! If there are any bands out there need a very modest,
hugely talented bass player and songwriter – bugger off! He’s helping me at the moment, thank you!



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