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Chucking Out Time

Words and music by D. E. Wilson

Produced, Engineered and Mixed : Wilson Produced – Wilson

Arranged and Recorded by D. E. Wilson and Steve ‘Robbo’ Roberts at
Sleepdog Studios, Blackburn. Sleepdog Studios

Mastered: Steve Kitch at Audiomaster


Pearl Masters Drums and Zildjiian Cymbals: Wilson; Fender Telecaster and fx board: Robbo; Yamaha Five string Bass: Robbo; Vocals and Harmony arrangements: Wilson; Cubase piano: Wilson.


The song was written as an encore for live gigs. I wanted something that would let people know it’s time to go but was bouncy enough to leave them singing and dancing. The original idea was a song about a guy who met his own Lady Luck once and she changed his life. But it was a long time ago and he never saw her again. So he comes back night after night and waits and hopes. And it’s Last Orders at the Last Chance Saloon and he’s still hopeful! The triumph of hope over hopelessness. Well that was the idea!

It was my first time working with Robbo and his 5-string bass playing on the two songs we did is phenomenal. And his fender telecaster textures and tones are superb too. The guy could play in any band in the country and hold his own – I think he’s that good! And I don’t think he knows it. His own songs are pretty damn good too. I’ve provided the drums for one of them so far and if he won’t let me include some in this website, I strongly recommend you follow the links, which we will insert soon, to Robbo’s very own site. You’ll love it. Thanks Robbo for your contribution and I hope it continues. My songs need ya!



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