Happy Christmas Anyway

24 January 2013 on x-mas Tracks by David

Words and Music by D.E. Wilson, Guitar Coda by Warren Serrao

Arrangement by Warren Serrao and Patricia Aspden Serrao

Lead Vocal, Patricia Aspden Serrao; Backing Vocals, Patricia, Warren and David; Guitars, Warren; Bass, Patricia; Keyboard Programming, Patricia and Warren; Drum Programming, Warren.



This was the first recording from myself, Warren and Patricia. We did most of it in their back bedroom. The ideas for the song came to me when my son broke his elbow and I stayed with him on the children’s ward in the old Blackburn Infirmary. Despite all sorts of adversity, the kids were mostly very optimistic and funny. I was thinking that sometimes bad things can happen to nice kids and I was wondering what Christmas would be like for them. I wanted to write a Christmas Song with real life in it not just romantic guff. The message is that even if you have tragedy at Christmas, which happens all the time, so long as you have love, the Christmas Spirit can shine through.




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